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              Products>Machine series for upper

              DS-768 Intelligent Thermo Cementing & Folding Machine

              DS-768 Intelligent Thermo Cementing & Folding Machine

              This machine is applicable for the folding and French binding purpose for leather products such as shoes and bags

              Adopting micro-computer control system, it is steady and reliable.

              The linear speed, outer curve speed, and the sensitivity of photocell may be adjusted independently.

              The temperature of the glue tank and glue delivery temperature may be set with digital display

              It is extremely suitable for workers as beginners on account of its one-touch operation function, automatic functions of foot press lift, scissors cutting, speed change and glue cut-off as well as local setting for step and glue amount.

              The folding width is adjustable and 4mm reinforcing band can be wrapped inside automatically. 

              The folding lines are clear and beautiful.

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